CUBS event in Cork with Carol Kulik

In conjunction with Cork University Business School (CUBS), the Association’s Southern Chapter was delighted to host a networking breakfast and seminar with Carol Kulik on Line managers: the unsung heroes in every organisation, taking place at the UCC Centre for Executive Education, Lapps Quay, Cork.

Line managers are the unsung heroes in every organisation! Their day-to-day behaviour has major impacts on employee commitment, performance, and innovation. But today’s line managers are continually asked to do more with less, leaving them chronically under-resourced for their people management activities.

Carol Kulik is a Bradley Distinguished Professor at the University of South Australia, UniSA Business, and Adjunct Professor at Cork University Business School.  Carol is a co-author of Human Resources for the Non-HR Manager (Routledge, 2023). Carol’s research encourages HR professionals and line managers to join forces to make the world a better place, one workplace at a time.

Carol engaged the audience in a discussion of the ways that line managers’ people management responsibilities have changed over time, with the goal of identifying the key places where employers can provide better support to their line managers. She also suggested research-based strategies that any line manager can implement immediately, even in low-support work environments, without adding to their already heavy burdens.

See highlights of the event here.