Membership of the MBA Association provides an opportunity for MBA graduates to continue the benefits of their MBA experience, via a professional network of over 2000 MBAs at every level of business life in Ireland, and a series of business seminars and networking events.

The MBA Association of Ireland (MBAAI) is the 2000-strong representative body for graduates holding the degree of Masters in Business Administration (MBA) living and working in Ireland. Its mission is to improve the practice of management through continuous learning, to which end it organizes around 20 events throughout Ireland each year. 80% of members are MBA graduates of less than 10 years standing; the average age group is 35 – 40 years, and members occupy middle and senior management positions within industry and commerce in Ireland.

Excellent relationships exist with all of the business schools in Ireland, from where over 350 new MBAs join the MBAAI every year.