Can you hear me?

The MBA Association of Ireland was again delighted to team up with Harvard Business Review to welcome Dr. Nick Morgan to Dublin for a breakfast event on Wednesday, 20 February in Mason Hayes & Curran in Barrow St., at which he spoke on the challenges of communicating in a virtual world.

We’ve all felt disconnected and bored in a video conference, frustrated that we’re not getting through on the phone, or upset when our email is badly misinterpreted. The truth is, virtual communication breeds misunderstanding because it deprives us of the emotional knowledge that helps us understand context.

How can we fix this? Communication expert Nick Morgan outlined five big problems with communication in the virtual world – lack of feedback, lack of empathy, lack of control, lack of emotion, and lack of connection and commitment–sharply highlighting what is lost in our accelerating shift to a more virtual world.

And he provided a clear path forward for helping business people to connect better with others – whether you’re an entrepreneur, an independent professional, or a manager in an organization that has more than one office or customers who aren’t nearby.

Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches. He has spoken, led conferences, and moderated panels at venues around the world. Nick is a former Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He founded Public Words Inc, a communications consulting company, in 1997.After earning his PhD. in literature and rhetoric, Nick spent a number of years teaching Shakespeare and Public Speaking at the University of Virginia, Lehigh University, and Princeton University. He has authored several books on communications.

Event MC was Frank Dillon, editor of Decision magazine.

Pictured are (l tor ) Martin Kelleher, Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran; Dr Nick Morgan; Alacoque McMenamin, President, MBAAI and Frank Dillon of Decision magazine.

See article from Sunday Independent’s Gina London on the event here.

Our thanks to Mason Hayes & Curran for supporting this event.