Career Readiness at UL

The MBAAI Mid-West chapter recently hosted an event at the University of Limerick on career progression with John Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Harmonics Ireland.

The 4th Industrial revolution is disrupting traditional approaches to how we build and grow a 50-year career. Career progression is no longer predictable. Stability has been replaced by the constant need to adapt, relearn and reskill to meet changing demands. Every work routine is an invitation for AI disruption.

In his session, John Fitzgerald shared a 3-Dimensional approach to take more ownership and control of our career future and also share personal coaching stories from his career coaching experience over the past two decades.

A Career Futurist and Speaker on Future of Work, John has coached hundreds of blue-chip Senior Executives  to rethink their career strategy. He set up Harmonics in 2006 and serves on the board of OI Global Partners, a global career consulting practice with 225 offices worldwide. He is the author of a new book Future Proof Your Career, creator of the Future Career Readiness Index and recently published the Future Workforce Readiness Research Report 2019. John’s book is available locally in O’Mahony’s bookstore or online.