Diversity & Inclusion

Most Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are developed to comply with corporate governance and self-regulation (often under the heading “Corporate Social Responsibility” or CSR). But most fail to move the needle and are just a box check. At a webinar in June, expert John Rankin  enlightened us on how to move the needle substantially and make a real difference.

John Rankin is CEO of Corporate121 and an expert on People Integration, Diversity & Inclusion and People Retention.  With over four decades of experience in business and senior management roles he has a wealth of knowledge in regards to personnel interaction. Having been taught the Eastern way of Personal Trait Psycho-Analysis by a Chinese Master/ Professor from Beijing University, John has, over many years, applied this to his business dealings with incredible success.

These principles and knowledge have been incorporated within the Corporate121 Trait Compatibility Profiling Program to help business leaders to better manage their personnel for real harmony and engagement. This program is radically different from psychometric testing: Corporate121 compares the relationship between any two or more people while psychometric profiling is an individual behavioural ‘test’ system.