Cybersecurity & Internet Fraud

The MBA Association recently hosted a webinar with Donal Murphy of Intuity Technologies on the pressing topic of Cyber Security and Internet Fraud.

In light of the high profile cyber-attack on the HSE IT systems, this webinar was designed to provide businesses and managers with relevant guidelines on how best to protect themselves and their business from an increasing number of online threats that are arising. The session included examples of the types of issues that businesses can face and what solutions are available to them to mitigate the potential risks involved.

Donal Murphy is Head of Sales and Marketing at Intuity Technologies, an ISO 27001 Certified Technology Partner for SME’s all over Ireland. Donal & his team partner with Intuity clients nationwide who operate in numerous regulated sectors from accountancy firms, Credit Unions & other financial institutions, through Legal, MedTech and BioPharma. Intuity specialise in helping their clients stay protected and risk-free. Donal leads a team who advise and guide clients in establishing this data security for their businesses. With over 18 years’ experience working in the technology sector with many clients in these highly regulated, compliance dependent industries, Donal has an impressive track record in helping clients secure customer data and implementing IT strategies to help develop, protect and drive their business.

You can view Donal’s slides here