Is the Road to a Renewable Energy Island a Smooth One?

The Answer: Buckle up, you are in for a bumpy ride!

The resounding feedback from the expert panel at this event in conjunction with the Kemmy Business School at Analog Devices – Catalyst Limerick in May was this is not going to be easy! The event was effortlessly moderated by Val Cummins PhD, Simply Blue Group, who was able to bring out the best in all of the speakers, curating the discussion in an inclusive, informative and exciting way, that even us non-subject-matter experts in the room could comprehend!

The audience was treated to two dynamic panel sessions that delved deep into the heart of Ireland’s renewable energy journey.

🔹 Panel 1: “A Closer Look – Assessing Ireland’s Renewable Energy Policy Targets in Practice” brought together industry stalwarts Paul Lennon, ESB, Peter Cunningham, SSE Renewables Ireland, Daniel Greenan, Siemens Energy Ireland, Mark Connolly, Inis Offshore Wind, Pat Keating, Shannon Foynes Port, and Laura Brien, Marine Area Regulatory Authority as they discussed the practical aspects of Ireland’s renewable energy policy targets.

🔹 Panel 2: “Empowering Change – Implications for Leaders and Business Strategy” showcases insights from leaders Heidi Hemmer, Verizon Connect UK & Ireland, Dr Dorothy Maxwell FICRS MInstD, Davy, Fiona Treacy, Analog Devices, and Dave Riordan, Eli Lilly and Company UK & Ireland on the implications of Ireland’s renewable energy transition for leadership and business strategy.

Key takeaways from this event:

– there is so much potential for renewable energy in this region, with capable & driven stakeholders already leading the charge to unlock its potential.

– we need brave decision makers who control significant budgets to back building the infrastructure needed to support & we need the all-important DMAP for the west coast to inform the scale & feasibility for our coastal region….. hence the ‘buckle up’ advice from our panellists. It will take huge investment in infrastructure decades before we will see system integration. But the long-term possibilities are hugely encouraging for this region.

This event was made possible by the sponsorship of Atlantic Projects Company and Analog Devices, Catalyst. It was a team effort in delivering a fantastic event, our thanks to the Analog team led by Colm Ronan, Mike Morrissey, Thomas Minogue, Gary Kelly, Carolyn Smith, Tracy Donnelly, and the Atlantic Projects Company team led by Billy Nolan, Joe Brooks and Miriam O’Connor.

Hoping the first year Executive MBA Class of Kemmy Business School U. enjoyed this event as part of their International workshop! Becky Costello, Nicola Kelly, Caoimhe Moloney, Alan Higgins, Prof. Michele O’Dwyer, Dr. Siobhan Tiernan.