“Meet the Entrepreneurs” at the GEC

Once again the Association partnered with the Guinness Enterprise Centre to host our annual Meet The Entrepreneurs event, which took place as a webinar in October.

We heard about the major development taking place at the GEC in Dublin, whose capacity will double in 2021, and a number of start-ups inspired us with their ideas, plans, progress and obstacles on the road to success.

This year the event featured online businesses from across the country:

Based in the Cavan Digital Hub, John Hyland of OTT Software (pictured above) has founded an app called Club Spot for GAA clubs. It was interesting to hear how he has pivoted during the last few months with the GAA so heavily affected with Covid-19.

Laura Gallagher, Founder of Beonline based in Donegal, told us how she set up her own company and transformed her business to become a Shopify agency. She spoke of the wave of companies which she is helping to go online in the current restrictions.

Emily Brick is founder of Kerry-based company Athena Analytics, which works with Irish secondary schools by using machine learning techniques to transform large amounts of data, particularly exam results, into meaningful insights. The company is transforming the grading system and has helped over 60,000 students reach their full potential. See her presentation here: