Michael Dwyer: an entrepreneur’s journey

The Association recently invited entrepreneur Michael Dwyer for a fireside chat with Conor Horgan following its AGM.

Founder of Pigsback.com, Michael drew on his book from the arena: an entrepreneur’s journey – the story of pigsback.com to recount a marathon entrepreneurial journey with Pigsback.com, starting at the height of the dot-com boom in late 1999, going on to pursue international ambitions in Britain and North America, facing a myriad of unforeseen shocks along the way.

This is the story of an entrepreneur’s business and personal highs and lows, persisting on a wing and a prayer, reinventing time and again until that final chance – an encore – one last shot at success. Fasten your safety belt for an entrepreneurial rollercoaster!

Michael’s book is available to purchase here.